A Wedding at Samode Palace Jaipur

Christina and Ben celebrated three days of festivities for their wedding at Samode Palace in Jaipur.  They came from Malaysia as did many of their family and friends, and I was invited to come and document all the fun.

However it was a little more “fun” than I bargained for. On the morning of the big day I was having breakfast on the terrace restaurant in the Palace. I was warned by staff not to sit out side. “monkey problem” they said. I saw the cutest little pair of Grey Langur Monkeys playing, I thought, what Monkey Problem? Boy was I wrong! Five minutes later out of nowhere appeared the big daddy of the Tribe! He was huge, and fierce, and fearless! (About twice the size as the one  you will see in the slideshow chowing down on the wedding Decor!)  Within a  matter of seconds he was up on my table. I jumped back out of his way, I only time to grab my Iphone.  My Camera was on the table ready to shoot after breakfast!  He picks up the Camera by the strap! I thought OMG! Maybe he wanted to shoot the wedding? ;>)  He really wanted my food.  He would not back down, snarling his teeth at me. By this time all the wedding guests having their breakfast safely inside! Jumped up to come to the window and watch the drama! I was you could say a little terrified!  Finally a waiter came out and threw a chair at the menacing monkey and my camera was left unharmed, but the photographer a little shaken! LOL!

Well I think the pics turned out ok regardless!

Ben and Christina were a stunning couple, and I really enjoyed being a part of your beautiful wedding at Samode Palace!

(Except for breakfast! ;>))

A wedding at Samode Palace
Samode Palace wedding


A blending of traditions and high style, make for a beautiful Indian wedding in Toronto

A blending of Indian traditions and high style, make for a beautiful wedding in Toronto.

I met Abhira and Malay last fall, one year before their Indian wedding in Toronto, for a fall theme shoot, I also covered their engagement ceremony.  I could tell when I met them that they were going to have a beautiful wedding. When Abhira told she was going to be designing her wedding outfits I knew it would be high style all the way.  it was a blending of both cultures; South India meets North India, Abhira’s family roots are from Sri Lanka and South India, while Malay’s family is from Gujarat.  What really made the wedding special for me to photograph was the close knit family bonds I witnessed at their engagement party.  I knew it would be an event full of not only stunning decor, and beautiful fashions, but also an event filled with emotional moments.  These are the elements that make shooting weddings so satisfying.

I must also give a special shout out to my associate Yianni, who helped capture some of the images your about to see!

Enjoy the preview!

A beautiful Indian Wedding in Toronto


Godhuli and Suraj’s Indian Wedding in Chicago

Godhuli and Suraj’s Indian wedding in Chicago was a colorful event as Indian weddings often are!

Friends and Family from all over the US, Canada, and India gathered in Chicago for a festive weekend of laughter. love, and Joyous celebration.

A mixing of cultures; Punjabi and Bengali, made for some wonderful photo ops. You will notice Suraj wearing both Punjabi Turban and the traditional Bengali

Hat, so ornate and beautiful! He somehow managed to keep them both on, a daunting task!

I was thrilled and honored to be a part of their beautiful day!

Congratulations to you both, wishing you a happy long life together!

Indian Wedding in Chicago

A green wedding in Niagara

Niagara on the Lake is one of the most beautiful green settings for a wedding in Canada!  It is known as wine country.

The Reif Estates Winery was the location for Catherine and Dave’s beautiful day!

While Catherine was busy preparing for the ceremony, I was documenting her with her brides maids, all while nevously watching the unpredictable

weather conditions outside. Dark clouds were threatening the ceremony! Rain came, just a half hour before the outdoor ceremony was about to begin.

It looked dark and uncertain! Thankfully mother nature was on our side! As just five minutes before the ceremony, the clouds parted,  and the sun shined bright. Making for some beautiful light under the shade of a big  tree where the Ceremony took place! In terms of photography – Perfection!

I was thrilled! Catherine looked stunning! and the day went off without a hitch!

Congratulations Catherine and Dave!

A green wedding in Niagara

Twice the fun – A Double Gujarati Wedding

After shooting a Double Gujarati Wedding in Florida a couple years ago, I never thought I would be repeating it again!

This time in Vadodora, which I just happened to be staying in the same hotel last year on the very same date for another Gujarati wedding!

Fate is a funny thing sometimes!

This time it was a brother and sister sharing the same weekend to tie the knot! Heetal and Heetan!

(Are you confused yet?)

Well not to worry,  Today I share with you the images of Heetal and Fenil’s wedding festivities.

(Heetan and Rihba’s wedding coming soon!)

A Double Gujarati Wedding part 1