New York Indian Wedding

I was thrilled to get the chance to shoot this New York Indian Wedding in June.  I never would have guessed to find such

beautiful green scenic landscape just 45 minutes from Manhattan. The location was The beautiful Renaissance Westchester Hotel. by Marriott.

Shweta and Rahul had a lovely Hindu wedding and the Hotel followed by a photo session at The Historic Caramoor House and Gardens.

A reception back at The Renaissance.  All in all a picture perfect day!

Congratulations Shweta and Rahul!

New York Indian Wedding by Katha Images


If your planning a New York Indian Wedding, do consider hiring a documentary Wedding Photographer to capture all the unplanned moments,

that you are sure to miss on the day!





One Love, Same Love!

After photographing Indian Weddings for the last 15 years, the passion I have for photography and India seem to blend more and more together, I am grateful that I have the freedom to follow my passion and express myself through my work! As photographers were are given great opportunities to show the world something they perhaps did not see themselves.  Perhaps through the power of the image you can change a persons perspective or even make them stop and think about something in a different way.  That is the great thing about photography, showing a part of yourself you may not be able to express in words.

India is deeply engrained in my being, my soul, and will forever have a very special place in my heart.  Hindu culture is deeply rooted in inclusiveness and tolerance.  This is why it is very sad to see the recent event’s concerning Bill 377. (a law that essentially criminalises same sex relations.)  An archaic law dating back to 1861, and the British Rule. If two consenting adults can not express their love, freely and be who they really are and love and be with whom ever they want, and enjoy the same rights as the rest of society, then what kind of society are we living in?  If you agree with me I urge you to sign a petition to the Indian government to remove Section 377 through a legislative process to give everyone in India their right to privacy, equality and dignity. Please click here to sign the petition.

In honor of World Pride Celebrations and the Human Rights conference taking place in Toronto this week.  I wanted to do something to show my support to my South Asian Friends, and Family! A photo shoot of two loving people, expressing themselves freely.  Jesus is from Venezuela, Munir is from Bangladesh. They have both come to Canada to live their lives openly and freely! I pray that India will soon allow it’s LGBT people this same freedom!

Please also watch the beautiful video below produced for the United Nations free and equal Campaign.
And do visit their website!



A Spring Photo Shoot in Toronto’s High Park

Malay and Abhira’s Spring Photo Shoot in Toronto’s High Park was a day that almost didn’t happen!

After a few cancellations due to the unpredictable weather conditions, we finally managed to find a perfect day for their second photo shoot with me.

Their Fall engagement shoot was also in High Park, before I left for India.  A completely different look! Warm autumn colors, crisp fall days, a season I truly love!

Winter on the other hand, I can do without!  I had heard about the long and grueling winter in Toronto from friends and family,

I would often skype with them from a beach in Kerala or Sri Lanka, (yes I have a rough life!)

But being in Toronto to witness nature come to life again is a true blessing!

High Park is known for it’s famous spring Cherry Blossom Festival. The park is a beautiful, natural Oasis in the heart of the city.

Torontonians are truly lucky to have this beautiful green space to escape for a quick break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Malay and Abhira’s wedding in August will also take place here in Toronto! I am excited to be documenting all the festivities. Stay tuned!


Neeraja and Raman’s Wedding in Colombo

“We did not want a traditional Colombo Sri Lanka Wedding Photographer” This is something I often here from Brides to be.  So when Neeraja and Ramanan contacted me to be their Photographer for their wedding in Colombo, I had a good idea what they were talking about! Ramanan had also told me that he was not comfortable posing at all for the Camera! I completely understand! I feel the same way as you Ram! But it is a once in a lifetime event! So choosing a documentary style wedding photographer was a good move! No cheesy posing! Just go with the flow and have fun! The results will be natural, beautiful images of subtle, and unscripted moments.

I was so excited to return to Sri Lanka again after my first wedding there in 2012. It was just a quick one hour flight for me from Kerala.  Neeraja and Ramanan live in Sydney, Australia and it was really great to see so many of their friends from Australia make the trip to Colombo for their special day.  I got to sample all the delicious Sri Lankan treats; String Hoppers with Coconut Sambol, Fish Curry, Egg Hoppers, Yum!  Niraja and Ram’s family were so accommodating and kind to me! I will never forget their Sri Lankan hospitality! Thank you guys!

All the best for your new lives together! Hope to see you in Australia soon!

Colombo Sri Lanka Wedding Photographer


Colombo Sri Lanka Wedding PhotographerColombo Sri Lanka Wedding Photographer
Colombo Sri Lanka Wedding PhotographerColombo Sri Lanka Wedding Photographer

May 23, 2014 - 10:16 am

Olivia Fischer - Lovely Photography !!

Mumbai Wedding Photography Workshop

Mumbai was my home base last year, and after traveling all over India this year I was thrilled to be back in this exciting city again!

This time for an extensive four day Wedding Photography Workshop, led by Sephi Bergerson, Christophe Viseux, and Myself.

The Mumbai Wedding Photography workshop was held in a fantastic creative space called the Ministry of New in Central Mumbai.

We had a awesome group of enthusiastic and talented photography students. Three days we were shooting on location,

splitting into three groups each day.  Giving the students an opportunity to see the differences in our shooting styles.

The focus of the workshop was not so much on the technical side of photography, as it was on finding your own niche, and developing your own trademark style.

We also reviewed each of the students portfolios, and gave feedback, and helpful insight on what they can do be better visual story tellers.

Along with a session on editing and post processing.

All in all a very informative and intensive few days! Be sure to also check out Sephi’s post; Wedding Photography workshop Mumbai

and Christophe’s posts on the workshop here: [Wedding Photo Workshop] Mumbai 2014

Mumbai Wedding Photography workshop Andrew Adams

Yours truly! Getting a little respect!

Mumbai Wedding Photography workshop

The workshop group shot!